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Fowl Craig - a sea cliff teaming with birds, is the former home of the Great Auk, where the last male was shot in 1813. There is a Great Auk monument to be found there.
Useful Advice
Bring your golf clubs! Most North Isles have a golf course, but Papay's is particularly wild!
Essential sites to visit
Fowl Craig
North Hill
The Knap of Howar
St Tredwell's Loch
St Boniface Kirk
Holland Farm Museum
St Boniface Kirk

Papa Westray, or Papay is a lovely little green island in the North of Orkney. Though it is remote, there are a number of ways to get there, with daily flights from Kirkwall (the hop from Westray to Papa Westray is the world's shortest flight, which takes under 2 minutes.) If you stay overnight, the fare is vastly reduced.

There are ferries, occasionally directly but most often (and a recommended adventure), the ferry from Kirkwall lands at Rapness in Westray, you will have to take a bus or car or walk or cycle to the North, Pierowall, where you can then catch a ferry to Papa Westray.

Once on Papay, there is plenty to see. The island is teaming with birdlife, the whole North End is a RSPB nature reserve.

St Treadwell's LochPapa Westray is home to Europe's oldest standing house at the Knap of Howar. The walls and doorways of this 5,000 year old house are still intact - like Skara Brae, the Knap of Howar was buried and uncovered in recent times by a storm.

St Boniface Kirk is also well worth a look. the site of archaeological remains, this church was abandoned in 1930 and recently renovated. It is now used regularly.

The ruins of a chapel can be found on the eastern store of Loch Tredwell. At one time, it was a place of pilgrimage for those suffering with eye problems.

Papa Westray has a thriving community co-op at Beltane House. This is a hostel, hotel and shop where provisions can be bought. Beltane House is well worth a visit during a community dance. Many traditional Scottish dances, long abandoned elsewhere are danced here!

George Mackay Brown
Then, whoever had bruised or blinded eye
Walked round the shore of Tredwell loch
Seven times, sunward,

And, for the gift of sight
left a small coin on the chapel step.

George Mackay Brown, Orkney Pictures and Poems

Knap of Howar photo © Magnus Dixon, St Boniface Kirk photo © Fraser Dixon, St Treadwell's Loch photo © Fraser Dixon. All text © Magnus Dixon.
GMB extract © The Estate of George Mackay Brown.

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