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Orkney Islands Council succeeded in establishing the principle that they (not individual land owners) negotiated with the Oil Companies. As a result, Orkney's
economy as a whole has benefited, not only from employment, but also royalties.
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There is excellent shore fishing to be had from Stanger Head
Essential sites to visit
War buildings at Roan Head and
Stanger Head
Flotta Oil Terminal
Wild Flowers
Panoramic views of Scapa Flow
WW2 Observation Tower on Flotta

The island of Flotta is in stark contrast to it's neighbour, Hoy, in that it is very low-lying. It was heavily fortified during both World Flotta Oil TerminalWars, and many lookout towers and gun emplacements remain on the landscape. Both piers were constructed in World War 2, and Sutherland Pier is served by the ferry from Houton and Hoy.

Flotta plays an important part in Orkney's economy - the Flotta Oil Terminal was built in 1974, and provides employment for the men and women of Orkney. Development was limited to Flotta, as depopulation had meant that the total collapse of the community was imminent. Today, there is a healthy Oil Tanker in Scapa Flowcommunity as well as the oil developments.

North Sea Oil is processed here and there is a fast boat to take workers to and from the mainland. Large oil tankers - served by Flotta are an impressive sight in Scapa Flow. Also of interest to the visitor to Flotta, the panoramic view of Scapa Flow from Flotta are particularly stunning. Much of the island is wild moorland, and the wild flowers blooming in the summer are impressive. There is also some of the best fishing to be had in Orkney - try shore-fishing from the Stanger Head cliffs.

Between the oil wells of the North Sea and the tanks of Flotta stretch unseen, the vast veins and arteries of the new technology. Tankers bigger than some of the islands come and go between Scapa Flow and
the refineries and oil-hungry nations near and remote.

George Mackay Brown, Portrait of Orkney

Flotta Landscape photo © Fraser Dixon, Observation Tower photo © Fraser Dixon, Oil Terminal photo © Fraser Dixon, Oil Tanker photo © Fraser Dixon.
All text © Magnus Dixon. GMB extract © The Estate of George Mackay Brown.

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