Interesting Info
There is not a large amount of farm land in Eday - most of it is heather moorland, but this made Eday prosperous in days gone by. Peat was exported to other peatless islands as fuel and in the 19thcentury large quantities were sold to distilleries all over Scotland.
Useful Advice
Red throated divers nest in the lochs in Eday - take your camera to the bird hides!
Essential sites to visit
The Stone of Setter
Vinquoy Chambered Cairn
The Red Head
Carrick House
The Stone of Setter, Eday

Eday is a great island to walk on. It has extensive areas of heather moorland and many sites of interest, including the Stone of Setter (a massive standing stone), Vinquoy Chambered Cairn, Carrick House (where the pirate, John Gow was imprisoned) and the Red Head (spectacular cliffs from which the red bricks of St Magnus Cathedral were quarried)

Eday is also a great spot for bird watching.

Visitors who fly into Eday will land at London Airport, the only airport by that name in the UK!

Eday Red Head photo © Fraser Dixon, Stone of Setter photo © Magnus Dixon. All text © Magnus Dixon.

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